Legend of the Zinn

L'morte de Oberon

Or How I learned to stop worrying and actually kill a player.

It began with a chance meeting in a dungeon. An uppity druid with a childlike attitude named Ky, trapped, awaiting his fate. A Soulbound, beguiled and captured by a witch, who broke free and tore her hideout apart. Oberon never thought he would travel with anyone, but here he was, taking this young gnome under his metal wing and teaching him how to stand up for what he believed. It seemed like coincidence that he was sent to the gnomes in the jungle, with this youngling at his side. It had to be fate, but he wouldn’t let it happen. He would do what he had to, do drive the Drow back to their dank hole, but he wouldn’t let Istus win.

Within a few days they were in the gnome’s Hometree, fighting off a drider attack. His gnome pal had seemed different since coming to Tig, the largest of the gnome cities, and here he truly showed it. With one final wave of power, the druid had tapped into the tree’s power, and crushed the abomination like a bug, leaving him exhausted and unconcious.

This wasn’t good, Tig’s Root (the leader and spiritual liaison to the entire jungle) told Oberon that his young friend would die, unless he took up his destined post as Sylvone’s Root, where his friend was born. Ky was revived, blissfully unaware of his impending doom, or the necessity of facing the destiny he had fled from so recently.

After some adventures on the road to Sylvone, and difficulties with the lifts that bring visitors onto the city, Oberon and Ky found themselves in front of the very chair that would seal the young gnome’s fate. It was said that no one had ever sat on the seat that hadn’t been chosen, as Ky had. Oberon was warned, and pleaded with, and still he sat. He sat to save his friend. He sat to tell Istus, the god of Fate, that he wouldn’t succumb to her designs. He sat, and the Tree probed him, tried to determine his worth. Oberon’s soul could not withstand the mental or physical onslaught, and he perished, his energy harvested for the tree, giving Ky a couple more days as a free gnome, before he was bound to the tree, as Fate had dictated from the start.

Oberon found peace in the eternity, and a new story is born from his ashes, so as the eons turn, each story leads to another.


adurnari adurnari

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