Zinneria is composed of many races varying wildly across species and region. The civilized races are usually pretty open to cultural and genetic mixing, and some cities like Teontia are veritable melting pots of culture and society. The secret races are ones that live secluded, some are unknown to the common populace, but others are merely so far separated from society that they live worlds apart. The vile races are a collection of beings who tend to the evil and chaotic by nature, they are very rarely included in societal affairs and often find themselves on the opposite side of any civilized race in a conflict.

“What is civilized? I fear that definition is merely made up by any who happen to be saying it at the time.” – Domin Thrand, Cleric of Bahamut, 3rd Twist

The Civilized Races:

The Secret Races:

The Vile Races:


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