Legend of the Zinn

Fable of the Zinn

Built on the backs of Zinn, the world is one fraught with the latent magics of these once colossal titans. Their bones built the land and their spirits birthed life and death.
Eons before our modern world there was one race inhabiting this plane. They were the Zinn. The Zinn┬áhad a society in which creation was borne of thought. If one could think the very thought of something it would come into existence. For the sake of peace and utopia, it became taboo to imagine anything living with its own consciousness, for such thoughts would breed more thoughts and would continue ad infinitem. The Zinn┬ásubsisted on thoughts of little wonders, devices with no purpose, or magical essences and the study of them. Life was peaceful, slow and steady. They as a race felt that they weren’t doing anything worthy. Life, while peaceful, had no purpose. With everything they could ever want the Zinn had no reason to create, they had no struggle, they had no drive to succeed or the fear of failure. They wished to know these things, these simple but (to them) unreachable motivations. As a result they formed a world by laying their bodies together along their home plane and becoming earth and water, deserts and plains, fields and forests.
On their backs they imagined men, elves and a whole host of races which would call it home. In the secret and the dark they created monsters and demons. On other planes they made abominations and linked all these worlds together, for the sake of giving their new creation depth and discovery. They put ideals of good and evil in all hearts. They loosed their creations into the world with the hopes of observing them for a blink of their time and seeing what makes motivation worth living for. They set this very world into motion to observe the rotation of life.

This is but an old fable told to young children, ones too little to tell the difference between folly and truth. Those that hold the stories dearest, those that desire to speak to or meet the Zinn, they are the men and women who explore this land, taking jobs and adventures in hopes of finding those secret, hidden places where the Zinn are said to communicate with us. These brave explorers are called the Zinnic. The rest of the world tolerates this belief, because these people also help to clean up the dark, fend the demons off and protect civilization. In some towns “Zinnic” is referred to with derision, in others, reverence, but in all places they are given respect.


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