Legend of the Zinn

The Pit, the Cave, and a very Dumb Giant

This is a bare bones account of events for the sake of posterity. Any are welcome to embellish it at a later date.

Oberon “Deadlocke” was contracted to rid the village of Morwilde of a giant. He managed to wrangle the help of the village guards and almost trapped the giant in a pit of his own design. Things didn’t go according to plan, the giant easily escaped and knocked both him and Lafis (the captain of the guard) out cold. They woke in the giant’s cave, outside of which he was enjoying a nap. After a silent retreat, they made their way back to the village to prepare for the final stand. Creating mock villagers out of hay and old clothes, Oberon and the other able villagers hid atop the roofs and waited. Soon the giant came, fooled by the ruse it started to destroy all the “people” it saw. As soon as it did, however, Oberon dealt massive damages to it and the villagers followed suit. After a couple good men were lost, and Lafis unfortunately missed with two of his spear throws, Oberon brought it down with two excellent uses of his Hail of Thorns spell, rendering the giant dead, and the town in a state of celebration.


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