Legend of the Zinn

Falling into the Widow's Web

An Experiment in Using Spellcasting Monsters

Having helped Morwilde, Oberon makes his way into the great forest, following the trail on his way back to Embury. Along the trail he encounters a pair of giant spiders, one of which he dispatches with ease, the other he marks and tracks into the forest, following it until he reaches a cottage in a forest clearing. He’s greeted by a seemingly beautiful young woman who invites him in. His natural instincts prompt him to continue searching around for the spider, and in the process the woman manages to prey upon his vision. When he turns his back to fire upon the illusion she takes the opportunity to unleash a storm of energy, right into his back, nearly knocking him down and out. With one final insult, she renders him unconscious, and claims possession of him for her foul experiments…



adurnari adurnari

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